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ATS Service Division was created in 2021. With a team of 10 engineers and technicians, its mission is to provide support and assistance at pre, on and after sales stages of any projects (Food & Beverages, water & process, infrastructure and commercial).

With our skills and knowledge, ATS Service Division offers many services. Services can range from site inspection, panel modification, tool and equipment rental to troubleshooting, training and maintenance.


Troubleshooting is always part of a testing and commissioning job because finding the source of the problem is critical. ATS can help to solve any issues in order to ensure the smooth running of an installation including low and medium voltage equipment.


On-site assistance

In the event of a breakdown, you may need immediate assistance, ATS can send professional engineers and technicians to help your teams on-site whenever necessary.


Training sessions

ATS can organize regular training sessions, both in office and on-site. Content of trainings include:
  • Low/medium voltage switchgear operation
  • Automation and control panels
  • Energy management solutions
  • Lighting protection devices

Busbar design and adaptation of new or existing panels

ATS can provide busbar designs for modifications of new or existing panels of up to 6.3k Amps. Advantages of busbars include:
  • Reduce system costs
  • Improve reliability
  • Eliminate wiring errors
  • Lower inductance
  • Increase capacitance

Primary / secondary injection, insulation and dielectric tests

ATS can propose services of tests with its own equipment and machines such as:
  • Primary injection test kit with current up to 6k Amps
  • Secondary injection test kit with current up to 100 Amps
  • Dielectric tests with voltage up to 5k VDC
  • Insulation tests with voltage up to 1k VDC

Support with testing and commissioning

Upon request, ATS can provide support at your sites for testing and commissioning of any sold
equipment, products and solutions. We're here to ensure they are safe and meet the design requirement.


Extension, upgrade and retrofits

ATS can offer services for modifications of your existing panels including upgrades of capacity and size as well as installation of up to date products and solutions.


Equipment rental

ATS offers the possibility to rent equipment for on-site work such as primary & secondary
injection test kits (respectively 6k Amps & 100 Amps), insulation tester (up to 1k VDC),
dielectric tester (up to 5k VDC) & data loggers for power quality monitoring.

Service agreements

ATS can provide agreements for on-site and after sales services and support for low & medium voltage switchgears, Cast Resin Transformers (CRT) and automation panels.

Leading The Market

ATS is a profitable and growing market
leader in Cambodia with Electrical
Distribution & Industrial control.

Adding Value

Accessible, Adaptable and Innovative:
- Adding value for our customers

Social Responsibility

A coherent Organization which:
- Demonstrate responsible citizenship
and protect the environment

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As a leading electrical and automation solution supplier in Cambodia, ATS was established in 2007 to provide safe, efficient and innovative energy solutions, for a brighter and cleaner world.

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