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What does ''energy efficiency'' mean ?

Did you know that running you A/C at 25°C instead of 16°C does not necessarily change the room temperature ? And that it may allow you to save a great amount of energy?

That is energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is not only about reducing your energy consumption. It is about using less energy to perform the same task. The objective is to cut down energy waste. In a word : do better with less. For a company, improving one’s energy efficiency is mainly a combination of two levers : the optimization of its office building and the communication towards its occupiers.

In fact, by their behaviors, individuals play a key role in energy efficiency. By teaching and raising awareness among them concerning the way to avoid energy waste, you can save a lot of energy. By implementing simple daily actions, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to reduce energy use.

Building optimization is also a key. By investing in greener technologies and energy efficient appliances, the electrical consumption of a building can drop down significantly. If it needs an initial investment, the ROI is often really fast (sometimes lower than one year).

That is the aim of our Energy Efficiency Lab and of our internal Green contest. On the one hand, we invest in energy efficient devices : LED lights, motion sensors, efficient A/C... On the other hand, we raise awareness among our staff to encourage them acting greener. With an overall objective : save up to 20% of energy in one year.

Contact us now if you wish to learn more about our energy efficiency solution and how we can help you with your business.
As a leading electrical and automation solution supplier in Cambodia, ATS was established in 2007 to provide safe, efficient and innovative energy solutions, for a brighter and cleaner world.

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